4th of July BBQ

4th of July BBQ and Red, White, & Blue Decor

July 3, 2019

4th of July BBQ Hamburger and Side Dishes

We finished our garden patio makeover just in time for our first 4th of July BBQ! With sparklers and s’mores in hand, we enjoyed the setting sun last week before my brother and sister-in-law headed out to California. It was so fun to have them over to celebrate. The grill got going, the cake got eaten, and the patriotic decor was set!

4th of July BBQ and Red, White, & Blue Decor

Couple Kissing on 4th of July

Nothing better than celebrating at home! Our new space was the perfect place for this year’s festivities! 

Here’s Our 4th Of July BBQ

4th of July BBQ

The Man & His Manly Grill

Ricky was so excited to fire up those hotdogs and hamburgers on his new PitBoss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 grill! This hunk of metal is almost as handsome as my husband! I have to admit, I was a little worried the size of this grill would overpower our patio. Thankfully, it didn’t. I’m so happy it’s become a much-used appliance already. It even bakes pies! We will have to wait for apple pie and ice cream until next year since I made my childhood birthday cake this year.

4th of July Grilling Station

Prepping all the details on our new “distressed” console table. Pretty sure I ate 90% of those Red Vines before my burger was even off the grill.

4th of July BBQ Preparations

This is what Americans call “in the zone.” 

Man Grilling on a Manly Grill

4th of July Flag Cake and Striped Red Dress

Celebrating America’s (and American) Birthdays

My brother and I are Irish twins. We’re less than one year a part, and YES (!) we are half Irish and half Mexican. We like to celebrate our July 5th and July 14th birthdays together. Hopefully, America didn’t mind that we added ourselves to her birthday party. You can say that the real star of the show at our 4th of July BBQ was baby Colin! He’s the newest addition to the family. Colin wore his first red, white, and blue OOTD so perfectly! I really should have taken a better shot of those baby Birkenstocks he was wearing. The cheese on those burgers wasn’t the only thing that melted at this party. MY HEART melted a the sight of his little baby feet inside those tiny shoes!

Family 4th of July BBQ

Patriotic Decor & Details on a Dime 

In addition to the beastly grill, I wanted to add some beautiful 4th of July decor. The dollar store is the perfect place to find all your last-minute red, white, and blue details! From flags to s’mores tray – condiment bottles to striped straws, the dollar store has it all!

4th of July Centerpiece

A 4th of July BBQ would not be complete without an American flag centerpiece. Freedom gives us peace, so I decided to make this simple, peace-sign centerpiece. *TIP: Flowers aren’t the only things that go inside vases! You can find this brass peace sculpture HERE.

4th of July Dollar Store Finds

S’mores Station

I spotted these marshmallow toasting skewers on Amazon, and almost forgot to set them out! I’m glad I didn’t forget because we had our first chance to use this concrete firepit. I love that the edges provided room for our red and blue Shirley Temples.

4th of July S'mores Set Up

BBQ Entertaining

S'mores Station and Firepit

Hope you all enjoy the birth of the nation, and get inspired to set out your own 4th of July BBQ!

And just remember: Baby, you’re a firework! … also, be safe around all the explosives!

4th of July Lit Sparklers

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