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Marriage Doesn’t Mean Your Dating Life Ends

September 12, 2019

Marriage Doesn’t Mean Your Dating Life Ends

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Falling in love is easy. Staying in love can be hard. And the irony with modern love is that people think dating is hard, and marriage is easy – like somehow marriage means you’ve finally made it. The truth is marriage is just the beginning. There are endless hurdles and hurts that can distract you from cultivating your relationship if you are not careful. For us, healing moments and happy times often come in the form of good conversations. We have our best conversations on short, intentional dates. Taking a drive to our parents’ cabin, or to the nearest ice cream cone, brings us together more easily than dinner and drinks.

how to date your husband how to keep love alive with dating when you're married

Before reading Eight Dates I bought into the notion that “a date” had to last at least as long as our meal at a restaurant. Now, Ricky and I focus more on what we’re TALKING about rather than what we’re DOING. The activity isn’t as important as the conversation. 

Every love story is different.

But all good love stories have good dialogue.

Marriage Doesn't Mean Your Dating Life Ends how to stay in love with your husband

3 Questions You Should Always Ask on a Date

What are you dreaming about lately?

This question gets at the other person’s hopes for the future. The horizon is often imagined with positivity. I like this question because it starts your date off in the right direction. You both can look forward together. Asking this question allows you to look for ways to support your partner in moving forward towards their goal.

What idea/s are you currently holding onto?

Or what idea is currently holding onto you? This question aims to describe what is rolling around in the other person’s brain. There might be a new concept they are toying around with, or a fresh perspective they are growing through right now. This questions helps you and your partner discuss deeper values and beliefs. It also aims to look at the positive ways your partner is already contemplating life, or where they might currently need some support from you to get back on track.

What recently has made you feel loved?

This question gets your partner talking about moments that are meaningful to them. Your partner’s answer gives you insight into their world. This is a huge opportunity for you to understand their perspective. Look for what is most important to them in their story. How do they like to be shown love, kindness, and support? Take notes. If you want to recreate any semblance of this for them in the future, they just gave you a free how-to guide here!

tips for how to stay in love Marriage Doesn't Mean Your Dating Life Ends

We know how hard it can be to think of good, solid questions on a date. Eight Dates revolutionized how we connect, and we hope to share the love it’s brought us with all of you!

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As always, feel free to ask any questions, or share comment below. We know how vulnerable dating can be, married or not, so don’t forget you can also ask questions or share feedback on the Contact Meg page HERE! For more posts like this visit HERE.

Much Love,

Meg xo

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