Quick Trip to Sedona

November 11, 2019

quick trip to Sedona

quick trip to SedonaThings to do, places to see, & easy hikes to enjoy in Red Rock city

This weekend we traveled a couple hours up north to enjoy the red rocks of Sedona, AZ. Even if you’ve never visited Sedona before, you’ll quickly realize this artsy town is full of Zen vibes and varied cuisine. I highly recommend a helicopter ride above the rocks for a bird’s eye view, or a Pink Jeep Tour to experience the local terrain. The air was perfectly crisp. We couldn’t wait to hike our hearts out and enjoy some tasty grub afterwards.

Outdoor Fun

Devil’s Bridge

Then, we decided to take on the mild trek that is Devil’s Bridge. You can bring your dog, or your chunky, little baby – and many do! Just be aware that there are a handful of several steep steps to the bridge. Find a hiking buddy to snap a quick pic of you as you hover high above the trail below. Visit this location early in the morning for less of a line at the bridge!

quick trip to Sedona

red rock city

Bell Rock & Cathedral Rock

Two other easy hikes in Sedona include Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock, with Bell Rock being something you could do with little ones quite quickly. Just make sure you have good hiking boots and you’ll want to hike till nightfall like we did!

Food You’ll Love 

Local Juicery 

3150 W State Rte 89A #5, Sedona, AZ 86336

After this 2-hour hike, it felt good to get to a restaurant. Places we like include, Tortas de Fuego (Mexican), Thai Place Uptown, and Hiro Sushi.

We energized ourselves at Local Juicery. This $10 smoothie is super fresh and delicious! You can grab a cold-pressed watermelon, lime, or mint juice, or try our favorite, Legacy drink (featured above) to put that extra pep in your step before you hit the trails again.

The Chai Spot 

336 AZ-179 b201, Sedona, AZ 86636

The Chai Spot is perfect for a sip of traditional tea you’ll remember long after you leave Sedona. The Turkish delights are something straight of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. If Sedona wasn’t so pretty, you’d think you were in Narnia with these delicious treats. 

Chocola Tree Marketplace Garden & Eatery

1595 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336


Before you head home, reach for a cozy cup of hot cocoa for the road. ChocolaTree is an organic eatery nestled behind hammocks near Inspiration Drive. For that extra rich ride home, we also picked up Mayan spiced chocolate, Saffron Rose chocolate, Butter Toffee chocolate, and Jungle Peanut Butter patties from here too. For best parking at this chocolaterie, try the lot furthest from this cozy nook’s entrance.

Please let us know what YOU love about Sedona!

Safe Travels,

Meg xo

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