5 Places for GOOD Pizza in PHX

February 9, 2018

Happy National Pizza Day!

It’s National Pizza Day! Yup! There’s such a thing – Instagram told me, so it must be true! Ha! Because Ricky and I are such carb and sauce lovers (can you tell from our “he just proposed” and our 2nd wedding party pics?), I thought I’d write up a quick post on our favorite places to catch a good pie in Phoenix.

Whether you love a classic slice, or want to try something a little more unique, this quick guide has got you covered!

Favorite Pizza Places in Phoenix

Things we LOVE: Jesus, Pizza, each other.

My Top 5 Favorite Pizza Places in Phoenix

  1. Grimaldi’s

    Grimaldi’s coal-fired pizza hits the spot for us every time. Their thin crusts and flavorful pepperoni’s are every pizza lover’s dream. Ask for extra sauce and extra pep if you want to go all out!

  2. Cibo Pizza 

    When I say spicy pizza, you say yum. Ciao’s diavola pizza is topped with the yummiest mozzarella and spicy salami. Their tasty variety of house salads deserve a bit of a shout out too. Shaved parmigian and pine nuts on top adds that extra special touch.

  3. Pizzeria Bianco 

    If you watch our travel stories on Instagram, you’ll see The Mags visit Pizzeria Bianco every time we land in Phoenix from Sky Harbor Airport. We let Pizzeria Bianco’s perfection of a crust and starter olives welcome us back into the desert. The crust alone is worth a visit – you won’t regret their classic Margherita pie.

  4. La Grande Orange Pizzeria

    Now, I have to be honest. La Grande Orange Pizzeria has the greasiest pie, but it goes down easy just like their ultimate fresh lemonade. The best part about this place is the all of the vegetarian options. Don’t be shy, The Vegan Dalai Lama is delish!

  5. Venezia’s 

    This family-owned and operated pizza place offers 2-ft party pizzas for any and every occasion. You may have seen them in “Breaking Bad.” If you’re look for cheap and easy, this is the place for you. TRY: The Pizza Bianco or The Italian Stallion.

Hope you enjoy a slice with the one, or ones you love tonight, and remember: when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore! (Can anyone tell me what that even means? :))

Favorite Pizza Places in Phoenix

The Mag 2nd Wedding at Pizza Brain Museum, Fishtown, Philadelphia PA

Favorite Pizza Places in Phoenix

For other ’round the town guides, stay tuned! Here’s a bit of a list for our caffeine lovers in the second city we call home, Philly. If you need a good slice on that side of the country, try Pizza Brain. We held our second wedding party their for friends on that side of The States. If you’re there, see Jane Pie, she’s awesome!



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