Yes, to Modest Bottom Swim Suits

February 8, 2017

Elegant Swim Suits

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think about visiting the beach my mind automatically jumps to swim suit shopping. And I dread it. I hate looking through store racks, comparing cups and wires – wishing I had a little more coverage on the bottom.

As I planned for our Cancun celebration, I realized the reason I’ve cringed over swimwear in the past is because a ton of suits out there don’t represent my true style. Honestly, all those neon and frantic patterns hurt my eyes. I’m not going to a rave, I’m going to my cousin’s pool party. Suits that try to be sexy don’t make me feel sexy. I feel awkward pulling at my top every 5 seconds.  My style isn’t shooting for sexy. I’ll leave that for my husband.

What I want in a swim suit is sophistication and elegance.

I want to walk on sandy beaches and feel like a true beach babe because I’m happy and comfortable.

So I shopped for what I really wanted:

Elegant swim suits.

Then, I fell in love, with a  swim suit from Zimmermann. The lace and ruffle details, plus high waisted bottom is an absolute dream. I shopped for it everywhere, but it was completely sold out! Maybe it was a good thing, considering the price point. I ordered a suit similar to it, but sadly it didn’t arrive in time before we packed and boarded. Thankfully, trusty Target saved the day! Can you believe this suit combo was around $50!

What type of swim suit suits you? Where do you find ones you love? Click a few affordable options like this look below! And share your favorite beach day stores below! I’d love to hear from you!


Moon Palace Resort, MX

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