Health and Happiness for 2017

February 3, 2016

Health and Happiness

Our Ocean Front View in Cancun

When my husband got promoted I was so proud of him! When he told us we were celebrating in Cancun I squealed in disbelief. Last year his company gifted us our honeymoon in Cabo, and we were amazed at the views and loved the snorkeling. I couldn’t wait to get back in the water and feel like Ariel all over again!

But all was not sunny when we arrived. Off the plane and in our room at The Moon Palace Hotel, something was wrong.

Can you say strep?

It was like swallowing glass. But being fluent never felt so good. “I’m allergic to penicillin,” I mumbled, surprising the hotel doctor and repeatedly shaking my head. “Yes, I speak Spanish. Yes, I’m Mexican, Yes, really.”

Rolling in a king-sized, silky and luxurious hotel bed when you have a roaring fever isn’t half bad. Our room had a spectacular view and I found myself overwhelmed at how much I take my health for granted. With the ocean view and the waves at my window I prayed I’d get well enough to swim with dolphins and snorkel in the underwater caves the next day. Miraculously, I survived.

Laguna Yal-ku, Akumal - Health and Happiness

Laguna Yal-ku, Akumal

I ate tons of ice cream. I sketched, and read books about pizza by the beach. If you haven’t checked out “Delancey” by Molly Wizenberg, you should. Snorkeling with Rick and witnessing the magical coral reef of Mexico in Akumal is one of the highlights of my life. Not getting eaten by that massive barracuda underneath me as we swam back from the ocean was also a highlight.

My time in Mexico gave me a deep sense of appreciation for my health. I came home committed to eating better, sleeping better, and being outdoors more often for fitness and fun. I’m excited for all our upcoming adventures. We loved Cancun so much, we might even go back next year. I’ll be sure to pack my new favorite dress from ASOS again too! Check out the links below to find your next favorite travel dress! Here’s to health and happiness in 2017!

ice cream for health and happiness

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