My End of Summer, Earth-Toned Look for My Self-Care Stay @ Civana Resort & Spa

August 4, 2018

My End of Summer, Earth-Toned Look

Give Me All the Polka Dots for My Self-Care Stay at Civana Resort & Spa

Last weekend, I joined some of my closest gal pals for a summer in the sun, and spa at Civana resort. We enjoyed a delicious brunch, a massage, and a day laughing together by the pool. What I love most about hanging with the girls is dishing on all our favorite fashion choices, and getting inspired by everyone else’s taste!

I was never keen on brown fashion – probably because I saw too much of it in my desert landscape growing up as a kid. But this year, I took my Pretty Woman inspired look straight into summer.

brown polka dot womens pants, Civana Resort & Spa

Julia Roberts would be proud of my pant choice. (Enter Pretty Woman soundtrack now).

Civana Resort & Spa

Always Avi and Truly Ney and I. We didn’t even plan to match so well!

After brunch we decided to walk (off the carbs) around the resort, and found even more lovely nooks about the hotel. This velvet seating made my heart swoon. If you decide to visit this Arizona luxury hotel, definitely order the Peach Cobbler French Toast – you’ll probably order 3 orders of it too! Wha? It was that good! 

Civana Resort & Spa

Civana Resort & Spa

My 1st of 3 plates from Terras @ Civana

After all the carbs, we walked to our room for a wardrobe change. Naturally. QUESTION: Why do girls bring their weight in luggage for a day trip?

ANSWER: Only God knows.

Laughing at the fact we did not wear enough deodorant to match the amount of luggage we are about to haul to our room.

hotel room view Arizona, Civana Resort & Spa

The room BEFORE luggage explosion.

Before my cranial sacral massage, we tried our hands – and yoga booties – at an aerial yoga session. Broke a little bit of a sweat before heading off to enjoy our massages. *Note: I tried the cranial sacral for headache and migraine relief. I would like to have reported that it worked like a charm, but the next day I suffered another attack. Needless to say, the best bet I have found for headache relief is good ol’ fashion water drinking.

TIP: When traveling, research your upcoming digs for fashion inspiration. 

The feel of a hotel can give you some insight on the type of clothing you ought to bring. Plus, hotels love to hint to the style and charm of their city, which can further guide your fashion choices. Next time your book your hotel, look for modern, vintage, bold or delicate themes. It might inspire your yoga pant choice, like mine HERE!

Civana Resort & Spa

And, when in doubt – neutrals are always a safe bet. Personally, I have loved color-blocking my swimwear this summer. This makes for easy mixing and matching when shoving a suit into your 15 lb suitcase.

Civana Resort & Spa

My favorite fashion look of the day was definitely my brown polka dot look. But, I think all these smiles look really good on us too! I hope you enjoy what’s left of these sunny days with your favorite babes! CLICK the items below to create your own Meg inspired summer style!

Happy Tanning!



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