A Retro Southwest Style Guide

girl retro summer style

July 2, 2018

A Retro Southwest Style Guide

How-to Add a Bit of Charm from the Past to Your Closet Now

Admittedly, I hated growing up in Arizona. From a young age, I dreamed of “getting out” – and did. The trade-off to marrying my super hot, high school sweetheart, was that I had to get dragged back to this desert inferno a couple of years ago. It’s much hotter here than I remember. At first, I lamented the fact that no scarves are needed here in Phoenix. In the past year, I’ve stopped crying, and come to embrace cooler clothes, my collection of sunglasses, and a deeper tan.

With all the sunshine I had to experiment with my wardrobe. I’ve said goodbye to the shorts and a t-shirt look and started to embrace more heat-friendly fashion. Last weekend, we visited Rowhouse 25 in southern AZ, and I created this nod to the past.

Here’s how you can add a bit of southwest flair to your close this summer too – even if you aren’t surrounded by cactus!

girl retro summer style

Meg’s Southwest Style at Rowhouse 25. Florence, AZ

Go with warm tones

Think mustard, ochre, oranges, and rich reds. Stay away from reds that scream “Christmas!” If you can choose a clothing item that has a bold yet, earthy tone, you’re golden! This top and these pants were the perfect pair. The burnt red and silky, shimmer of the orange pant mixed well together. TIP: If you’re fairer skinned, you can also pair a shade of blue or green with your warm tones. Too much yellow, orange, or red can make your skin appear pink. The cooler tones will even that out.

Think vintage

I always love to mix old and new. Not only is it easy on the budget, it also makes for some fashion fun in trying to puzzle-piece different genres together. I snagged this Moroccan leather clutch at my local thrift shop, and grabbed these sunnies from a local boutique. TIP: genuine leather items like mine, will mostly likely always have an stamp or label that says “100% leather.” Look for it when you’re selecting vintage leather goods. My locket came from the depths of my jewelry box – this floral gem dates back to 7th grade! I hadn’t worn it in oh, let’s say 10 years. Just goes to show you, never give away anything you really love!

A Retro Southwest Style Guide

Thrifted Square Leather Clutch. And yes, I really do use that tambourine too.

Add Texture

Cotton is the fabric of our lives, but it’s doesn’t always have to be worn in the form of a t-shirt! This top is a terry-cloth texture, light and velvety, and wonderfully retro. The v-neck collar adds an even more special touch. I chose to mix it with Zara’s silky, flowing, wide-legs pants for an extras special feel. See below for similar items! Pair something like this top with a flair-leg, or bell-bottom jean, and you can’t go wrong. TIP: don’t be afraid of different types of fabric: wool, silk, satin, denim, corduroy, or linen. Some fabrics lend more to certain seasons. Like wool for colder temps, but you can always add touches of things you like for your look now. If you like lots of woven textures, try finding that in a summer bag with interesting loops like this or this.

A Retro Southwest Style Guide

I hope these few tips will help you enjoy summer in style too! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, complaints on the summer heat, or advice on how to mix and match items.



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