French in the City: 10 Favorites for Fall

Classic French Bow Tie in NYC, Brooklyn Bridge

September 9, 2017

Feeling French

Favorites You’ll Love Too

Last month, my French fascination was sparked again by a cute, affordable little dress I found online. You know me, I try to match my wardrobe to either my current mood or my next destination.

Classic French Bow Tie in NYC, Brooklyn Bridge

Classic French Bow Tie in NYC, Brooklyn Bridge

After we discovered The Marlton Hotel in NYC, with all it’s Parisian-inspired design, I couldn’t help but be overcome with a little French flair. I decided to share my latest French style crush with you all here!

Girl in French Clothing in NYC

Touring Greenwich Village in French Style

Here are my top 10 Favorite French Fall Favorites:

  1. French Kissing

    Burns calories, is lots of fun. Only try with a partner you truly love, of course! Ha.

  2. Amelie, the movie

    This is my favorite French film, after Chocolat with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. I love it for it’s quirky whimsy, and Amelie’s adorable haircut. 

  3. Pre de Provence’s luscious soaps

    I picked up this soap this past weekend in Flagstaff during a girls’ weekend to the Grand Canyon at P.J. ChilCottage. Let me tell you – not only does it smell like heaven, it leaves your skin silky soft without residue. Check out this cute marketplace for even more delicious-smelling soaps. 

  4. French Bow Ties

    You can find my affordable dress HERE. I couldn’t believe it was  under $30 either! 

    french dress in NYC

    My Shein Dress at Henrie’s Cafe in NYC

  5. Beignets from Cafe Du Monde

    Just a fancy word for donut! If you ever get a chance, try them at Cafe Du Monde in NOLA. We loved them this past summer, and wish we would have ordered a couple more for the road! 

    french beignets donuts

    Beignets from Cafe Du Monde, our Honeymoon Road Trip

  6. French Fries, especially at Windsor

    I wouldn’t be American if I were to leave out this obvious choice for Fall – or any season! Cozy up to with friends at Windsor’s back patio in Phoenix and order these for $4 and “The Sidecar” (a famously named Paris-inspired cocktail that’s said to original straight from The Ritz. It’s said to have been invented because a regular would arrive at the bar after riding his motorcycle with a sidecar, wanting a drink straight away. The drink is a simple mixture of brandy or cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice). 

  7. The Little Paris Cookbook by Rachel Khoo

    This cookbook was given to my by friends when I got married, and I’m excited it will finally be warm enough in Phoenix to serve beef bourguignon. The Little Paris Kitchen demystifies French cooking with 120 delectable recipes. Find a bit more of my home favorites here

  8. A Bold French Pout

    I once heard a Parisian miss say french women are lazy, and they pack on a colorful lip because it’s the easiest and fastest way to add a big impact. French women are masters of the bold lips. My favorite lipstick for Fall has to be DIVA by MAC. It looks more berry once it’s on, promise. I wear it often for date night.

  9. Pandora’s “French Cafe Radio”

    When you need music for a bubble bath, getting ready in the morning, or just folding laundry, this station calms me down every time – even if I only understand a third of what they’re talking about! 

  10. French Dessert

    Last, but never least, Paris Baguette. I found this gem in Philadelphia and am still pulling they will be opening soon in Phoenix. If you love sweet and savory pastries, this place is for you! My favorite sweet is 300 calories and I ain’t mad at it! 

Are you crushing on anything French favorites too? Share your favorites down below!

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