3 Reasons You Should Wear a Watch

August 17, 2017

3 Reasons You Should Wear a Watch

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For Deeper Relationships & Meaningful Habits

I recently read an article by the New York Times called, “The Golden Age of Bailing“, by David Brooks. In the article, Brooks points out how easy it is for our generation (myself included) to make excuses, call out sick, or straight up flake out on commitments. Brooks humorously describes how the social milieu of our day leads a lot of us into the belief that bailing or flaking is normal, acceptable, or should be.

So, this had me thinking about the way I view my time and my relationships. I discovered I tend to bail or switch plans on people because I’m often annoyed that I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be at work that day. Or because I was grumpy I let time slip away from me, and now have a pile of responsibilities staring right at me.

For me, flaking out is more about the time before the event than the actual event itself.

After a few minutes of serious reflection, I began to see how much I hate time. I don’t monitor it closely enough, and I often view it as a feeling or some fuzzy concept. Time is of course, not subjective or abstract. It’s concrete. It’s measured and declared.

Reasons You Should Wear a Watch

You can’t contest or escape it – albeit a lot do try. And although we are constantly unaware of time because of busyness and numerous distractions, we measure our life by it. With only so much of it, we treasure it, yet often fail to truly assess how we use it or account for what we’ve actually done with it.

If I truly want to be a person that values my life, my friendships, my family, I need to get serious about how I value my time.

More than interact with my day planner or Google calendar, I want to be someone who doesn’t bail or flake – or isn’t a half hour late to gatherings or 10 minutes late to appointments. I really do want to be satisfied with the time I spend at work. On my art, or with my family. I want to have a better relationship with time. And not hate it so much for not giving me what I want.

In an effort to not bail, remain true to my commitments, and actually seize the day I’ve started the slow process of living by the watch on my wrist. Instead of the clock in my hand (also known as my iPhone).

I can’t tell you how many times I wondered what time it was this week without realizing that this blue faced-beauty of a timepiece was literally starting at me in the face!


Reasons You Should Wear a Watch

Let’s just say, I had to get use to wearing my watch as an actual tool to help than an accessory to sport. Imagine that.

I’ve learned a few things this week as I try to interact differently with my time. And I’ve made a few resolves that give good reason why wearing a watch is a good idea:

  1. I will Stop Wasting Time by Complaining, and Just Start Working

And I say that with all affection and seriousness. This week, I literally watched 20 minutes pass as I vented and sank into how hard and terrible a work task was. I wasted more time dreading the thing than just getting it done. * Set alarms for tasks you don’t enjoy. That 30-page report won’t seem so daunting when you shrink it into 20-minute writing sessions.

  1. I will Enjoy My Break Time

I’ve become bolder in asking for a mental health day, coming in early and leaving early, and planning lunch dates with friends. * Breaks help you learn to focus as you mentally transition back and forth from tasks. They require concentration. Go out to lunch! Use your PTO! And don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it.

  1. Bedtime is for Adults Too

Writing out what I want my nightly routine to ideally look like has helped me make strides in turning it into reality. And yes, there is enough time to read books before bed! *Sleep is a gift you give yourself … if you can get to bed on time. Grab a buddy who will hold you to a realistic bedtime. Or make Siri remind you when you should pull the plug on technology and hit the hay.

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