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Instagram Spots in Seattle

April 22, 2019

Instagram-Worthy Spots in Seattle

We loved traveling to Seattle recently, and wanted to share some of our favorite Instagram-worthy spots with YOU! Seattle was such an amazing city, and we wish we had even more time to explore, but if you’re there on a weekend, or just for a few days, this Instagram-Worthy Spots in Seattle Quick Guide is for you!

Must See Spots:

  1. Pike Place Market

The flowers alone make this place our TOP, MUST-SEE spot! Not only will you find fisherman in the market throwing around giant fish (yes, I’m serious), you will also have THE MOST A-MAZING chowder if you stop at Pike Place Chowder! Take time to tour the shops – we really enjoyed buying new vinyls here!

Meg Mag at Pike Place Market Instagram Spots in Seattle



Instagram Spots in Seattle restaurant

getting flowers in seattle and taking a photo for Instagram Spots in Seattle

  1. The Original Starbucks

Visit the FIRST EVER Starbucks! Order a cup, purchase some beans to-go, and look around at all the rich Starbucks décor. Located on 1stand Pike, you will suddenly understand why their most famous blend is called “Pike’s Place.” If you’re a design-lover like me, you’ll enjoy how the remodeled space evokes the warm heritage of the first store with it’s hardware, flooring, and lighting coming from nearby farms and Starbucks’ own, local roasting plant.

boy friend and Instagram Spots in Seattle

Instagram Spots in Seattle

the original starbucks was in washington

  1. Seattle Antique Market

In every city I travel, I always visit at least one antique shop. Pack smaller items in your carry-on, or request the shop to ship you your new, favorite find! Shipping fees apply, of course.We ventured around the large warehouse that is the Seattle Antique Market. I’m kicking myself for not ultimately buying this portrait! Haha.

art Instagram Spots in Seattle with brunch spots

check out this museum in seattle

  1. General Porpoise Donuts

Ok, let’s be real, I also try to tour as many coffee shops as possible whenever in a new city. (*If you’re in The City of Brotherly Love instead of the Emerald City, check out my Philadelphia Coffee Guide HERE).  You can always find unique charm and Instagram-worthy spots in quaint places like these. I really enjoyed the bright and airy General Porpoise Donuts. Find them at: 98109, 1020 E Union St, Seattle, WA 98122.

Instagram Spots in Seattle with brunch spots

Instagram Spots in Seattle with brunch spots

  1. Oddfellows Café + Bar

Do you like loaded French toast too?! Well, come hungry, and feast your eyes on the beautiful carbs, and the beautiful café that is Oddfellows. They have a lovely, little outdoor patio and really cool bar. Bring a little extra cash to shop a beanie, book bag, or tee before you go!

Instagram Spots in Seattle

Instagram Spots in Seattle with brunch spots

  1. Salt & Straw

Have you ever met a girl with a dream? Well, Kim Malek, co-founder of Salt & Straw cashed in all her chips to found this local, community ice cream shop with her cousin, Tyler. Discover their delicious flavors, like

Chocolate Rose Petal, and Wildflower Honey with Ricotta Walnut Lace. Yes, you heard correct. If you’re an ice cream lover, check out their latest ice cream cookbook below!

Instagram Spots in Seattle  includes this ice cream shop

Instagram Spots in Seattle  includes this ice cream shop

  1. The London Plane Café

    Fresh blooms and fresh pastries. The London Plane is the perfect Instgram-worthy spot that will satisfy your camera lens AND your taste buds. Part flower shop, part specialty grocery, part café, The London Plane has the cutest café décor and all the natural light any Instagram-lover, like you, needs!

Instagram Spots in Seattle  includes this tea shop    drinking some tea in seattle  a ar in seattle


  1. The Gum Wall

    The germ-iest place on this Instagram-worthy Spots in Seattle Guide is THIS PLACE! The Gum Wall is a brick wall walkway that is COVERED in hundreds of thousands of pieces of chewing gum! Yum! Located under in Post Alley under Pike Place Market, this gummy wall attracts tons of people. Purchase gum at the shops nearby and add to the mix!

    Instagram Spots in Seattle  bubble gum and Instagram Spots in Seattle

  2. Kerry Park for the view of the Seattle Skyline

    Kerry Park is small, public park with a viewpoint that will knock your socks off. Located on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill, it overlooks Downtown Seattle and is nestled between West Highland Drive and 2ndAvenue West and 3rdAvenue West. We recommend the sunrise or sunset view so you can catch a glimmer of the Space Needle and Elliott Bay, with Mount Rainier in the background.

    Instagram Spots in Seattle

Hope you’ll love Seattle as much as we did! CLICK HERE to enjoy one complimentary cup of Starbucks coffee on Meg!


xo, M


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