Meg’s Affordable Fall Fashion Checklist

November 17, 2018

Meg’s Affordable Fall Fashion Checklist

My Look Plus a Couple Cozy Extras

With every changing season girls around the world switch up their wardrobes. Fall fashion, for me, is one of the funnest times of the year! I love pulling out my scarves and gloves. Since Phoenix doesn’t get much chill, I wore some of my affordable fall fashion basics to D.C. a couple weeks ago!

Just because the leaves FALL, doesn’t mean you need to DROP tons of money to cozy up to fall fashion.

Affordable Fall Fashion Slip-on Shoes

Sticking to a few Fall basics, like this tan blazer and these slip on shoes, helps me go easy on my wallet.

Fall Fashion

Georgetown Waterfront, D.C.

I mix and match basic wardrobe items while playing on the colors of the season and fabric textures, like wool, knit, tweed, and corduroy.  

Whether the weather around you is 50 or 70 degrees during the day, you should consider doing a little research before adding items to your online cart, or doing retail therapy at Nordstrom. Figure out which fabrics you like most. I am having a fascination with cashmere at the moment, and recently came across this top from Anthropologie. I love it! Over the years, I’ve learned that I love tweed, but can’t handle it on bare skin – too itchy, unless I pair it over tights. I reserve this fabric for days I know I can withstand layers.

Earth-tones are your friends during the fall season. Look for colors that compliment your skin. If you aren’t sure, use that time in the Nordstrom’s fitting room to experiment with mustards, ochres, oranges, maroons, blacks, tans, beiges, and shades of green. Wearing colors that doesn’t overly compete with your hair or eye color can be a safe bet!

Since online shopping, and shopping in general can start to look like a mad turkey trot, I thought I would share some of my favorite, and affordable fall fashion checklist with you all here.

Meg’s Affordable Fall Fashion Checklist

  1. Beanies, Berets, and Headbands – oh, my! Add one the same color or shade as the rest of your outfit for a monochromatic look. Try out different versions of headwear, as a more fitted beanie vs. a loose, slouchy one can provide an entirely different aesthetic – preppy or boho.

  2. Beige Blazer – typically looks good on everyone! Try it with a turtleneck or a patterned blouse for interest. You can wear it to work with cigarette pants for a more polished look, or with dark denim for a more cool, casual vibe.

  3. Rolled Neck and Turtle Necks – cozy and they keep you from developing a cough, well, I think. With thinner versions, you can layer vests, t-shirts, or sweaters over top.

  4. Corduroy Pants – the next best thing after yoga pants. Even one pair for the season will have so many possibilities. Plus, if you purchase them in a high-waisted cut you can change your look with a simple tucked in, or tucked out top.

  5. Cozy Scarves, like THIS and THIS are my favorite! P.S. Don’t forget to lightly wash and dry, then carry a lint roller to keep them in good condition. Stay away from infinity scarves if you are a newbie to these. Watch Youtube videos like THIS for ways to make a simple scarf look extra sophisticated.

  6. Neutral MicroBags like THIS and THIS. Because you don’t have to carry that beach towel anymore anyway. Keep a lip moisturizer and hand lotion in it, or you know just money and your keys, whatevs.

  7. Technology-Friendly Gloves for those frigid Fall nights. Honestly, I have a few pair. The “less cute”, and the less expensive versions always seem better for some reason.

  8. Comfy City Sneakers – you know, for strolls in the park. I found the best pair at Nordstrom’s Rack recently. Zappos has free shipping, if you grab them there! I’ll wait to get into wool socks until winter, but for now, Dr.Scholl’s socks just do something for my feet! #Heaven

  9. Tights and Leggings I love HERE and HERE. Wear them under mini skirts with boots, or with shirt dresses and a pair of socks over top + heels. Just never as pants. Yes, you heard. No leggings – or tights – as pants.

  10. Basic Short and Long Sleeve Tee’s like THIS are always good for those mornings you are on the go – or are too cold out of the shower to reach for anything more than what’s necessary.

You can also shop my other looks HERE. Leave a comment below on Fall favorites you love, or things I should add to my checklist!



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