Must-Do Guide for Your Instagram Memories in Miami

What To Do in Miami

March 4, 2019

What To Do in Miami: Your Guide for Places to See & Where to Eat

A Must-Do Guide for Your Instagram Memories in Miami

¡Bienvenidos a Miami!

Last month, Mr.Magdaleno and I visited Miami, Florida! It had been on my personal bucket list for a few years after seeing their architecture infiltrate some of my favorite design magazines. Let me just say, we can’t wait to go back! I am still dreaming about the food (seriously). If you are debating on a trip to South Florida – DON’T! Take this must-do Miami guide and run there! The weather is heavenly, and the people are so fun and friendly!

Before you go, know this:

Miami has 25 various neighborhoods. We recommend walking, or biking within each neighborhood but not from each neighborhood to the next. You’ll need to pinpoint your locations by neighborhood if you want to make the most of your time and avoid traffic. Despite the sunny weather, don’t forget a cozy sweater for the low chills. Bring good walking shoes and sunscreen, and don’t forget that Miami restaurants often include tip with the 7 % sales tax, so make sure to check your bill to avoid double tipping. 

What to See

1. South Beach

South Beach is one of Miami’s prettiest beaches! The bright blue waters literally glitter in the high of the 80 degree-sunshine! With a previous reputation for the young and rich, you can now find families and faces from all over the world at this perfect vacation destination. Don’t forget to ask your hotel which section of the beach has complimentary lounge chairs reserved for you. Bring plenty of sunscreen because you will want to be here ALL DAY! After you enjoy the beach, hop across the street to South Beach’s historic Art Deco District and Ocean Avenue.

2. Vizcaya Museum

Now before you get carried away and totally turn into a beach bum, don’t forget to visit this magical gem! The Vizcaya Museum is the former villa and estate of businessman, James Deering, who settled in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami.  This early 20th century estate also includes extensive Italian Renaissance gardens and native woodland landscape. With the landscape and architecture influenced by Veneto and Tuscan Italian Renaissance models, and designed in the Mediterranean Revival architecture style with Baroque elements, you’ll wish you could go back in time to Deering’s fancy garden house parties – yes (!) he had those! Interior design lovers will delight in this place! For all the regular lovers out there, this is a memorable spot for engagements or weddings!

*Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts solely on this lovely site! 

3. Miami Beach Art Deco District and Ocean Drive

Located in the South Beach Neighborhood of Miami, you will find 960 historic buildings in this district! Historic hotel architecture will make you wonder why we ever got away from such design. The Art Deco District is most famously known as the district where Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace ,resided in a mansion on Ocean Drive. Walk, bike or segway around this bustling hot spot. Stop for an iced coffee at Pinocchio Cafe! TIP: Keep your camera ready – there are dozens and dozens of luxury and vintage cars you will need to capture!

4. Wynwood Art District/ Wynwood Walls

Wow! The amount of talent located at Wynwood Walls is UNREAL! This warehouse district was transformed by the late community revitalizer, Tony Goldman, in 2009. Artists from the United States, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, Portugal, Ukraine, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Germany, France, England, Japan and Singapore, have contributed to the Wynwood Walls! You can walk the walls for free at your leisure, or enjoy a guided tour for $25.

 5. Calle Ocho in Little Havana

If you want to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Cuba in the U.S. – visit Calle Ocho in the neighborhood of Little Havana! The home to Cuban exiles and immigrants, Little Havana is named after Cuba’s capital city. Watch the Cuban grandpas play chess in the famous Máximo Gómez Park. Visit mom and pop shops, have a little outdoor dance at the cafes and bars on the block, or visit the neighborhood’s oldest landmark, The Tower Theatre (opened 1926). Stop in for an old-fashion movie experience just like Cuban immigrants did back in the day when they wanted to become acquainted with American culture. Lectures and other performances are also featured here! See below for our favorite foodie spots in this neighborhood! 

Where to Eat

1. Ball & Chain Cocktail Bar

Ball & Chain’s history ironically stems from a Jewish outlaw who bootlegged and owned the establishment. Artists such as, Billie Holiday, Count Basie, and Chet Baker, have preformed here, and you won’t want to miss the vibrant and friendly ambiance that accompanies the locals dancing to live bands open to the street. I HIGLY recommend the most delicious cocktail I’ve ever had – Viejo Cubano! Visit Ball & Chain’s Insta to stay in the loop on all their upcoming events!

2. Velvet Creme Doughnuts

A Miami icon since 1947, Velvet Creme Doughnuts place will make you wonder why we don’t all eat donuts on the daily! There are so many lusciously filled options, it will be hard to eat just one! We had the Boston Creme and Churro donut. And you can’t fully fill up until you also down some Cuban coffee! If you are in the mood for something a little different, Velvet Creme also offers a variety of smoothies and breakfast sandwiches. And from what we observed, the locals simply order a box of delicious donuts to go if you are in a hurry! (Insert drool emoji’s now, ready go).

3. Más Cuba Cafe

Let’s talk about where you can find the most traditional Cuban sandwiches in the coolest backyard patio lounge cafe. Más Cuba Cafe’s design charm almost exceeds the flavor rating of their plantain chips! With a laid back vibe, you can treat yourself to a cool cocktail after a day at the beach. If you love ceviche, you’ll want to order two rounds, just sayin’.

4. Zak the Baker, Chai Kosher

This treasure trove of a bakery amazes me! You MUST, MUST, MUST stop here when visiting Wynwood Walls! There is absolutely no excuse for anyone in their right mind to skip savoring every last morsel of Zak’s chocolate croissants. I mean, you will definitely want to purchase at least 2, maybe 3 for just yourself. Take home certified Kosher challah bread for an evening meal, and enjoy their lattes as you wander the walls. Zak’s address is: 295 NW 26th St, Miami Florida. Open from 7am – 7pm, everyday except Saturday.

5. El Pub Restaurant

Ok, so, please forgive our grainy phone image. We grabbed an empanada from El Pub as a late night snack. When I mentioned I was still dreaming about the food in Miami, I was referring to these $5 little pockets of everything that God deemed holy in ground meat. (I don’t even like ground meat!). Not only will you feel like a local at this mom and pop spot, you will see how celebrities from all over the world have too with tons of their photographs and autographs documented atop the walls. Order a full-blown homestyle meal or an authentic Cuban sandwich. Bring a canteen for their Cuban coffee! Dear Lord, it’s deliciosos.


Hope you enjoyed this Miami guide for all your future Instagram memories! Click below for a few of my fashion favorites for this trip!

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Or if you have tips and tricks on what we should visit in Miami next time, let us know in the comments below! 


Meg xo

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