How this Treehouse Sanctuary Re-Inspired My Eco-Friendly Soul

things to do in cabo san lucas

April 29, 2018

The Best Organic Brunch in Cabo San Lucas

Acre Baja Inspired Me to Look Past my Plate

When you think “Mexican food” you might immediately imagine a bean burrito. And that wouldn’t be a bad thing – I’m sure I survived on those things from the age of 12-14. But Mexican cuisine is so much more than tacos and burritos. On our recent visit back to Cabo San Lucas, Acre Baja’s new brunch menu made me rethink not only my idea of “Mexican food,” but also my idea of Eco-Friendly design.

From the local farms that grew the food atop my plate, to the impecable design aesthetic, Acre Baja rekindled my love for nature.

You pull into this hidden treehouse hotel and immediately feel welcomed by the magical pathways that join the sleeping quarters, the restaurant, the pool, and the property’s puppy and pet foster care. Pure magic illuminate the air as the butterflies flounce about. I never knew butterflies made me so happy.

things to do in cabo san lucas

This Silky Blue Dress was the Perfect # for this Beautiful Brunch. Shop the look on my Shop Page.

Organic Brunch in Cabo San Lucas

All of Acre’s menu, plus that of it’s neighbor’s, Flora Farms (where we enjoyed our honeymoon dinners) share common grounds. You can tour their all-natural gardens that are free of chemical pesticides, and home to the founders of the joint. And once you do, you’ll taste and see that their home-grown goods are crafted with so much care, that you’re almost tempted to not even eat them. Almost.

Organic Brunch in Cabo San Lucas

Breakfast Split. The Most delicious rendition of plain yogurt, granola, & fruit. This yogurt sherbet and honey w/ pumpkin seed granola is worth the entire visit!

Once you down the fresh-squeezed orange juice and your spouse grumbles from not letting you have the last bit of The Split, you should most-definitely save room for the rest of the menu. For you savory-brunch-lovers, try the Chilaquiles. With it’s savory chocolate sauce you’ll lick the plate clean. For you sweaty-brunch-lovers, the French toast comes with a strawberry jam that will have you driving back to this tropical oasis any day of the week.


You can’t help but appreciate the whole eco-system of Acre. Once you stop to breathe after downing brunch, the bathrooms make you see how nature is not only on display in this magical place – it’s the cornerstone of the this entire retreat.

You begin to realize the most beautiful things in life are the natural things in life – even the vines growing down from the trees above the slightly-underground powder rooms will leave you feeling amazed. Right down to the soap, Acre overwhelms you with the idea that “organic” is how life should be. Clean, fresh, local, and of the utmost quality.

Organic Brunch in Cabo San Lucas

As a interiors-lover, the subtle cabinetry and the incorporated stone sinks almost made me drool just as much as the French Toast.

things to do in Cabo San Lucas

I don’t even like selfies – but I just had to capture the delight and surprise I felt from simply entering the ladies room.

Whether you come to eat, or come to play Cabo San Lucas, be sure to stop for a treat at Acre Baja. There’s fun for everyone as you visit the ground’s petting zoo and play a game of volleyball. Take a dip in the beautiful pool, or throw a party on the patio.

Cabo San Lucas

This cozy retreat will leave you feeling energized, even if you can’t spike like you did in high school.

Cabo San Lucas

If you want to check out more Mexican hot spots and fashion inspo, be sure to visit my travel diaries page HERE and read more about my globe trotting HERE.

Hasta luego amigas,

Meg xo



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