Pretty Poolside Pieces You Must Buy Before Summer Ends

August 8, 2017

Pretty Shoes by the Mountain Shadows Pool

Sippin’ Watermelon Juice in Style

This weekend I took my new favorite pieces poolside as Ricky and I searched for smoothies and juices in The Valley. Typically,  Saturdays with the Mags include Birkenstocks + denim cutoffs at our local farmer’s market. There’s a reason our beloved ‘Pure Juice‘ in downtown Gilbert sells out so fast! Our favorite blends are the “Pure Boost” and “Dr. Green” in case you ever need a coffee substitute!

In addition to my new shoes, I paired my summer staple bag from Cult Gaia and this Amazon Prime Bargain of a lifetime! Keep Reading for More

This weekend, we opted for a little more fancy as we skipped around town. 

Rick and I discovered that the new Mountain Shadows Hotel had a juice bar and their interior design showed in some sweet pics – it was a no brainer! I mean, I have no shame taking pictures of public bathrooms.

Do brass lighting fixtures and herringbone tile make you drool, too? Don’t lie. 

After making my way out of the ladies room, Rick and I were delighted to see so many folks either playing cards at the Hearth ’61 bar, or lounging around the glittery pool.

We caught some rays and ordered the best watermelon juice we’ve had in a long time! Our carrot concoction was yummy too, but had just a tad too much ginger for me. We’ll be going back to try the others just as soon as Ricky decides to golf that way.

ELECTROMELON & OL’ STANDBY @ Mountain Shadows Hotel

There’s nothing better than beautiful fashion at amazing prices.

Can you believe that my jumper and shoes were under $30 each?! I’m so serious. To find my poolside style click here and here. And FYI, if you decide to order these lovelies for yourself, try the next half size up! There’s nothing worse than having your feet slide down taller heels. Avoid the “toes-over-the-edge disaster” and save yourself having to reorder. I learned this lesson earlier in life, and it’s at the top of my brain along with stuffing fall boots with pool noodles to maintain their shape. 

Hope you’ll visit this new desert treasure. I’m excited for the Yoga Nights! To find your favorite juice see their menu here.

Cheers! To Happy Feet!

Meg xo


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