Lady in Red: An Elegant Holiday Fragrance

elegant perfume from lady in red

December 19, 2017

Shopping for the Perfect Perfume

We all know the holidays are that special time of year where we remember what matters most: love. And we all want a fragrance we love as we gather with family and friends by that toasty fire and glowing tree. 

When shopping for your new favorite fragrance it might be helpful to consider which sensory experience you enjoy most.

Is it walking through a rose garden in full bloom like me, strolling by the ocean, or trailing off the beaten path? Aromas tend to fall into floral, fruity, or earthy categories. Knowing which of these 3 categories you like most will keep you from running crazy at the perfume counter. Because yes, we’ve all given ourselves a literal headache trying 100 perfumes and then going home with nothing.

elegant perfume from lady in red

Lady in Red. Perfume Collection

Walks past city gardens during my graduate school days always gave me that boost of energy in the morning. I tend to look for scents that give me that same boost of happiness. Florals scents like this one from Lady in Red have been my recent go-to as I sprint off to my next client.

elegant perfume from lady in red

Fragrance of Rich Florals & Vanilla

Remember, where you place the perfume counts.

Pulse points on your body help that sweet scent last all day. Think behind the ears, your neck, and wrists. Adding a little to your hair-care routine never hurts either. Just spray on your brush before you curl or straighten. Spraying on your clothes may only last a few hours.

lady in red rose garden

lady in red ruffle dress

*TIP: Your perfume collection needs a little love too. Remember to store them in dry, cool places (So, that’sno-go for your bathroom). Humidity and heat can break down the compounds that work so hard to keep you smelling sexy. For the hopeless romantic/organizer in you, place them on your dresser in lovely trays like this or this.

lady in red elegant ruffle dress

lady in red rose garden elegant holiday perfume

Whether you love classic, romantic perfumes like me, or enjoy more exotic fragrances, spritzing on that final touch to your ensemble before you head out the door does something powerful to our subconscious. (As as therapist, I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to say that. :)) Style and confidence are more than clothes, they’re a state of mind. I feel and do my best when I layer on that last stamp of approval for myself.

lady in red rose garden

lady in red rose gardens

For more holiday inspiration in your wardrobe visit other posts like this HERE. As a House of Mag reader, you’ll receive a 50% off all Lady in Red products and fragrances until 12/31. (*After the New Year, readers will be able to buy one, get one free).  As an additional thank you, all purchases will arrive with a complimentary gift! Shop HERE with code “SPRAY2THOM”, and click on more holiday-inspired fashion below!

What are some of your favorite perfumes and holiday scents? I’m always on the look out for new go-to’s and a great candle.

Meg xo




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