Tuft & Needle: Our Mattress Story

June 29, 2017

Putting our New T&N Bed to the Test

The Mag’s Mattress Story

When you’re a kid you never think about the quality of your bed – unless, you’re holding out hope for a bunk bed! In college, you may or may not have a standard issued twin that you disinfect before use. As an adult, I ventured out to graduate school and inherited a queen from my roommate.

Fast forward to my pre-marital counseling class. We asked each other, “How do you plan on raising children? What amount do you like to save each month? Who will unload the dishwasher?” But Rick and I were never asked, and didn’t think to ask each other, “What kind of mattress do you like?” Comfortable and soft, of course, comes to both our minds, but there can be a million actual interpretations of this.

We quickly realized this was an important question! After all we would be sharing this FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!

Before I moved back from Philadelphia, Ricky’s brother found a never-used luxury mattress. An older couple from a nice part of town gifted it to us, and Rick kept it sealed in its original packaging right until we walked through the door of our home sweet home. We had just finished road tripping across the country, pulling all my stuff back from Philly, and were so happy to crash in our new bed. An hour into our sleep, we reluctantly decided to sleep on the floor! (Yes, it was that bad!)

It took a long time for us to find a “comfortable and soft” mattress we both liked. I wanted a slightly firmer bed, and Rick wanted a squishy one. We spoke to mattress salesman after mattress salesman, and could never quite justify spending thousands of dollars on the mattress alone!

Tuft & Needle, Phoenix

Enter Tuft & Needle. This new start up in the Valley has really woken people up to a whole new way of mattress buying! You can tour their store, but not before they serve you some kind of free, local and delicious treat, like snow cones! You are then led into a mock bedroom, and given a few precious minutes to lie down and test out the mattress. No one is paid on commission, and T&N employees feel more like your friend than a customer service rep.

We tested the mattress and immediately loved:

  1. The comfort and support!

    The Tuft & Needles mattress was firm, yet at the same time soft enough for a comfortable give. It was suitable for Rick’s back and tummy sleeping, and my side sleeping.

  2. It was shippable!

    We didn’t have to rent a trailer, or tie it dangerously to the roof of our truck!

  3. For under $600, it was a steal!

    We didn’t have to break the bank, and appreciated the 100-night trial in case we changed our minds at home.

Our T&N friend then opened the stylish barn door and explained the material, and how it would keep us cool at night, which it has! We also liked that the mattress was suitable for many bed frame types. In the end we choose a platform bed that needed a thinner box spring, which we found here on Amazon.

All in all, we do really love our T&N. It arrived quickly, and needed only one or two nights to lose the plastic smell from the packaging. The mattress itself popped open and expanded within a minute!

Our T&N (and house renovations!)

If you’re looking for an affordable mattress, check out T&N here! (*Recently, T&N has upped their prices, since they are expanding so much. They don’t ever feature sales, so we recommend you pop in before they potentially raise their prices again! ) We recommend these sheets and this pillow! And after our last hotel stay at The Moon Palace, we realized we love luxury hotel bedding, so we’re shooting for this and this soon to replace my Ralph Lauren one I’ve had since college.

Sleep tight!



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